Vessels for Charter

1200 HP Push-boat “Lil’ Emi”

Named after Raleigh’s youngest daughter, the Lil’ Emi is a twin screw towboat measuring 60′ x 23′ x 8′. She was overhauled in July of 2018 to provide years of reliable service.

2018 Rebuild

2 Main and 4 Flanking Rudders

40T Nabrico Deck Winches

Stern Tow Bit

26′ Height of Eye

8500 Gal Fuel Transferable

900 HP Deck Lugger “Capt Timmy”

Named for the late Capt. Timmy Dardar, Sr. The vessel was stretched to make a deck lugger pushboat and fully rebuilt 2014. Powered Twin 855 Cummins making 900 HP total. She holds 8,990 Gal Fuel and 12,000 Gallons Water.

68’ x 23’ x 8′ Overall

25’ x 22’ of Open Deck Space

25’ Eye Height

Drydocked 6/18

1200 HP Pushboat “Ms Addison”

The Ms. Addison was recently repowered with the most fuel efficient and reliable engines in production.  1/2″ Bottoms and stump jumpers make her perfect for construction, or ditch work.  Fleet deck and flanking rudders allow her to work perfectly at any fleeting location.

60’ x 23’ x 8’

2016 Full Rebuild

Flanking Rudders and Tow Bar

Twin S6 Mitsubishi (New From Crate)

New TD516 @ 6:1 Gears

New 60″ x 50″ SS Wheels

8,500 Gal Fuel 7,000 Gal Water

30’ Eye Height

1400 HP Pushboat “Ms. Kim”

Owned and operated by our family at B & R Towing, the Miss Kim is in excellent condition with a seasoned crew with an outstanding safety record.

65′ x 26′ x 8’5″



2-TWIN DISC 518 Series 6.48:1 Reduction

2-64×57 S.S. PROPS, 

4-5″x16’8″ Aquamet S.S. Shafts. 

2 Main Rudders and 2 Flanking Rudders with 8″ shafts

2-40 KW Generators

Sleeps 6, Bath & 1/2.

M & M Bumpers on all corners and tow knees.

800 HP Deck Lugger “Miss Ann”

Built in 2014 by the late Roy White.  Shallow draft, comfortable quarters, and ample deck space make the “Miss Ann” perfect for your construction projects, or to run supplies.  With a 26′ height of eye, she can safely maneuver loaded barges.

Twin KTA19M Cummins Engines

8,900 Gal of Fuel, 24,000 Gal Water

65’ x 26’ x 7’ with 30’ x 25’ Open Deck Space

26’ Eye Height

Living Quarters Barge “COB 102”

Owned by our friends at Cobb Offshore, Barge CB 102 – 120x45x7 spud barge equipped with 30 ton hydraulic crane with 80 ft. box boom and diesel power unit, living quarters for up to 20 men, 2-80kW diesel generators, 600 gallon diesel storage, 30,000 gallon water storage, diesel driven hydraulic spud unit with 2-hydraulic spud winches and 40 ft. spuds, and below deck storage.

900 HP Pushboat “Miss Khylan”

Powerfully maneuverable little boat.  Out pushes and pulls boats twice her size.  Fully restored in 2013.

48’ x 19’ x 7’9

Rebuilt in 2013 with Twin NTA855G3 Cummins

Twin Disk 514C @ 4.5:1

6,500 Gal Fuel 4,500 Gal Water

24’ Eye Height

Drydocked 5/2017

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